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Tom's Drag Art

Welcome to the colourful world of TOMS DRAG ART! unique art objects in bright and golden colours

Tom’s Drag Art by Toms Company

Tom’s Drag Art handmade objects created by German artist Thomas “Tom” Hoffmann. The artist founded the company “Tom’s Company” and developed a series of decorative artworks that became known as “Tom’s Drag”.

The Tom’s Drag artworks are often colourful, eye-catching and unusual in design. The objects include figurines, sculptures, furniture, accessories and decorative elements for indoor and outdoor use. These unique works of art are made from high-quality materials such as marble, wood and metal and are often painted with eye-catching colours and patterns.

Toms Drag Art is known for its playful designs and extravagant style, often combining elements of pop art, art deco and baroque. The figures and sculptures often depict human-like animals or fanciful creatures in imaginative poses.

Tom’s Drag Art has developed into a popular form of interior decoration and collecting and is recognised and distributed in numerous countries. Tom’s Company creations can often be found in art galleries, interior design shops and design fairs.

“Tom’s Drags” were born and Tom not only created individual art objects, but also his own art form – TOM’S DRAG ART – as his popularity grew. His DRAG family grew rapidly over the years and suddenly it was a large DRAG zoo consisting of a wide variety of animals, figures and characters. All the “Drags” are lovingly hand-painted and accessorised with detailed accessories. As Tom was a smoker himself, some of his animals and characters also puff away in a relaxed and cosy manner. Thomas did not only dedicate himself to the animal world. His imagination for designing and decorating objects and items resulted in a whole series of unique pieces of furniture. He painted the furniture with filigree, floral patterns in radiant colours and gold leaf alloys. The pieces of furniture are also decorated with various details such as eyelashes, rhinestones or royal pompoms. Another trademark of “Tom’s Drags” are the red or gold painted boots and pumps, which also decorate the furniture. The Tom’s Drag Art Collection offers a large selection of unusual animal figures, colourful pieces of furniture and funny figures, all lovingly handcrafted and hand-painted. From colourful chests of drawers and mirrors, to funny animal figures adorned with eyelashes, earrings and cigarettes, to beautiful table accessories, the exotic Tom’s Drag objects bring a lot of joy into your own four walls


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Thomas Hoffmann, Gründer von Toms Drag Art

Thomas Hoffmann



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