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Toms Drag Art Kommode bei AMARU Design
AMARU Design Hängelampe ROOF in schwarzem Stahl
Toms Drag Art runder Spiegel mit Flammenrahmen bei AMARU Design
AMARU Design Angelfisch in Grün von Borowski Glas

Discover art objects by Tom's Drag Art, Borowski, Domglas and trendy furniture in industrial and vintage style.

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Tom's — Drag Art

Experience the eccentric world of Toms Drag Art.  Colourful chests of drawers and beautiful figurines with detailed ornamentation, plus numerous unusual accessories and home decorations in gold, silver and garish colours.

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Wohnzimmer mit Tom Drag Art Kommode
Esszimmer mit Toms Drag Art Möbeln und Dekoration
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    Edle Gartenkunst — Edle Gartenkunst — Edle Gartenkunst — Edle Gartenkunst —
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    Borowski Glas —

    Unique light atmosphere!
    Beautiful handcrafted art objects made of coloured glass with a strong whimsical expression. Borowski glass is a special feature for your garden. The Studio Line and the Art Objects Collection offer further beautiful objects for the interior.

    Borowski Glas — Borowski Glas — Borowski Glas — Borowski Glas —
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    Domglas —

    Unique beer and schnapps glasses with fancy art objects made of coloured glass.

    Domglas Exclusive Shop

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    Unique craftsmanship world of glass

    New Arrivals

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    LABEL51 Home decoration von AMARU Design

    Home Accessoires

    LABEL51 Sofa im Industrial Design


    — Industrial Living

    Exposed metal, rustic textures and minimalist designs. Unleash the power of industrial style!

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    living inspiration

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    Toms Drag Art Wohnideen Inspiration 2 bei AMARU Design
    Toms Drag Art Wohnideen Inspiration bei AMARU Design
    Toms Drag Art Wohnideen Inspiration 1 bei AMARU Design
    Toms Drag Art Wohnideen Inspiration 3 bei AMARU Design
    Toms Drag Art Wohnideen Inspiration 2 bei AMARU Design

    Fancy home accessories at AMARU Design

    Tom’s Drag
    Colourful, eccentric, incomparable: that is Tom’s Drag Art by Thomas Hoffmann. The Toms Drag Collection offers a wide selection of fancy animal figurines, furniture pieces and accessories, all lovingly handmade and hand-painted. Here you can learn more about how the art objects are made. From colourful chests of drawers and mirrors, to funny animal figures adorned with eyelashes, earrings and cigarettes, to beautiful table accessories, the exotic Toms Drag items bring a lot of joy to your own four walls and also make excellent gifts. They go with a stylish, individual living room interior and are guaranteed to catch the eye! The assortment is constantly updated, new items are added and the one or other bargain is also taken care of, as reduced-price, low-priced Tom’s Drag items are regularly offered. The range now includes more than 600 articles from the areas of animal figurines such as cats, owls, giraffes or camels, accessories such as bowls, vases, candlesticks, trays and egg cups as well as detailed hand-painted furniture such as colourful chests of drawers, mirrors, chairs and side tables. In the Amaru Design Online Shop, the complete Tom’s Drag Collection is available for you online.
    From Cologne’s biggest Christmas markets to our shop: unique art made of glass in glass! Domglas offers a growing range of over 100 different glasses. The special feature is the mouth-blown glass figure that is inserted into the glass. From the Kölsch glass to the schnapps glass, to the liqueur glass or the Christmas tree ball: you are free to decide on the size and motif of the glass because Domglas also produces your desired motif in the glass. Not only Cologne fans, who can enjoy the different versions of the domestic dome or the unique sports mascots in a glass, will get their money’s worth. The range includes a large selection of birthday glasses with the year, glasses with animal motifs or instruments. You can get an overview of all glasses here
    Borowski Glas
    Colourful and unusual art objects by the brothers Pawel – Wiktor- and Stanislaw Borowski. Whimsical shapes and soft curves in combination with bright glass colours create unique objects of art. The collection now includes a large number of bowls, sculptures and animals. Special highlights are the art objects from the outdoor collection. An embellishment for the garden made of glass and rusty metal. Click here for the collection
    Industrial Style
    Shelves, coffee tables and chests of drawers with metal frames and wooden elements in industrial design. Lamps with metal shades and traces of use create a real factory and loft flair. The lamps are beautiful individual pieces and bring a clear, cool yet homely atmosphere into the room. The matching designer lamps then upgrade these objects to true eye-catchers. Click here for the collection