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Esszimmer mit Toms Drag Art Möbeln und Dekoration
Wohnzimmer mit Tom Drag Art Kommode

    Extraordinary — living ideas

    Lassen Sie sich Inspirieren!
    In our gallery we show you customer and furnishing ideas in different styles, combined with our special art objects.

    Enjoy the diversity of uniqueness!

    Wohnzimmer mit Tom Drag Art Kommode

    Colorful chest of drawers “Jamaica” with cup in a modern design loft by Toms Drag Art

    Chameleon in the garden with natural stone and flower bed

    Design in the bathroom – freestanding bathtub with stool by Toms Drag Art

    Tom’s Drag Art – Elephant Alexander XXL on a base in an antique hallway in front of a modern mirror

    Boots table with golden cowboy boots in the design room with golden chest of drawers

    Tom’s Drag Art | Trophy in gold and silver on a rustic tree trunk

    Franzose Pierre mit Leopard Roya im royalem Zimmerstil

    Painters Henri and Leopard Roy enjoy the evening rest and shine with their colorful splendor –

    Borowski glass bowls – modern glass art with soft shapes

    Tom’s Drag Art – Clarance the lion with a crown

    Merry Widows Ruth &Lydia treat themselves to a coffee at the lavishly decorated Toms Drag Art table

    Old love does not rust – duck CV2 75 as a unique specimen in the living room – great customer idea!
    seitlich setzt die Kommode rund blau von toms dag art einen edlen Farbakzent

    Modern Pop Art design meets antique!
    colourful refreshment and a luxurious eye-catcher with great accessories for the corner. Kamel Laila XXL creates a special atmosphere and impresses with special details.

    The colorful chest of drawers Jamaica by toms drag art and the matching carpet mat ensure a fresh and positive spirit.

    Borowski glass sculpture Pavo with green glass decoration in the landscape garden – great, unusual outdoor garden decorative object.

    The colorful dresser Drag Cabinet L from the Toms Drag furniture collection sets a powerful color accent. The elegantly decorated drawers with gold handles make this chest of drawers a real gem.

    The colorful giraffe XXL from the Toms Drag Collection

    Tom’s Drag Art | colorful Kommode mit Pokal. Schüssel xxy

    Chest of drawers with a floral pattern and matching gold-framed mirror

    colorful chest of drawers in pop art style

    Modern dining room in classic baroque style
    The Versailles chest of drawers rounds off the ambience beautifully with the noble decorations and also makes a colorful statement.

    Round cylinder dresser with drawers from the Toms Drag furniture collection

    Noble designer chest of drawers with gold decoration and red shoes. In addition, the matching mirror in the same color look

    Handmade glass fruit bowl

    Trade fair impression with a colorful chest of drawers XXL, side table and many other decorative objects from the world of Toms Drag Art

    Tom’s Drag Art | colorful Kommode mit Pokal. Schüssel xxy

    Bedside table with floral decoration

    colorful glass objects by Borowski glas adorn a modern coffee table

    Borowskiglass – Studioline

    Camel Laila XXL and dresser Drag Cabinet L by Toms Drag Art

    unusual colorful leopard “Roy” with a crown in front of design wallpaper


    Elegant combination of energy mirror and console from the Versailles Collection.
    Rounded off with bowl and candlestick Baroque.

    Female figure Marilyn with handbag and hat decoration – ready for a trip to the Côte d’Azur

    “KOONG” by Borowskiglass

    Chest of drawers XXL – colorful designer chest of drawers with colorful decorations and drawers

    Colorful trays with gold feet – refreshment for your living room

    Capricorn Louis – a real rarity

    “Acrobat couple” with colorful decoration and bowl in their hands – let yourself be enchanted by the acrobatic movements of the circus collection by Toms Drag Art

    Column black by toms drag art with colourful decoration and dog as matching companion

    Light objects by Borowskiglas – unusual outdoor decorative objects with lighting in different colors

    Antler Drag Horn on wall with Gamesh from the Limited Edition

    colorful tray with gold feet and champagne glasses

    Unique glass art by Borowski Glas – diversified glass in different layers ensures a breathtaking play of light.

    Bowl Sunrays gold with colourful pattern

    Waiter Ortwin – always at your service!

    Mirror “Majestic” by Toms Drag Art – Noble perfection with this beautiful strong mirror with gold decorations and colorful elements.

    Aligator Leonard B.

    golden column with blue patterns and decorations

    Giraffe Roxanna Deluxe – a real eye-catcher that sets a colorful accent.

    Drag Cabinet Jamaica with colorful drawers and golden feet.

    Camel Laila is relaxing and enjoying the sunny day while the duck Erna is waiting for her husband Ganter Hans…Giraffe Roxanna Deluxe casually puffs on a cigarette in the background

    Side table silverline with drawers – decorative small cabinet with drawers

    The Borowski glass vases in an unusual upbeat design are also suitable as decorative indoor plants.

    Tom’s Drag Art | colorful Kommode mit Pokal. Schüssel xxy

    The jolly widows Ruth, Martha and Lydia in high spirits upon arrival at their new home.

    Love is all you need – Drag Dick with fruit bowl by Toms Drag Art

    Cat XXL in a colorful dress with doorstop as an owl in gold optics

    Chest of drawers toms drag art with decorated drawers and unicorn on the side

    Designer throne by Toms Drag Art in red velvet fabric with stool in baroque living room

    Gallery with Borowski glass light objects and Toms Drag Art chest of drawers Versailles with mirror golden woods

    Tom’s Drag Art | colorful Kommode mit Pokal. Schüssel xxy

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