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Tom's Drag Art

Tom’s Drag products are lovingly handmade. Slight colour and pattern deviations from the pictorial material shown are therefore usual and no reason for complaint.

Further product features according to the manufacturer Tom’s Company (

Unless otherwise stated, the Tom’s Drag collections are primarily designed for indoor use and would suffer from exposure to the elements. Cold weather is not a problem for Tom’s Drag products, so they can be placed in a weather-protected location on covered balconies and terraces. Please note that coloured objects exposed to bright sunlight may lose their brilliance and fade over time.

Food storage
Most of the art objects in the Tom’s Drag collection are, unless otherwise stated, not intended and suitable for food storage and should not come into contact with food.

The basic material of most Tom’s Drag items is marmorin, a material made of ground marble with a proportion of synthetic resin. This basic material is cast in moulds made by experienced sculptors according to the original. Other items are made from Mdf / wood (furniture), metal or fibreglass.


All Domglas products are lovingly handcrafted. Each glass is therefore unique. The glasses are not standardised. Therefore, there may be variations in size and filling height. This is what makes the objects unique and does not constitute grounds for complaint.

In a labour-intensive multi-stage process, the art object is brought into the glass. All art objects are mouth-blown and fused with the glass by hand. The work is done with a flame that is over 2000° C hot. The finished objects are then annealed in a computer-controlled kiln to cool them down.



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