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Worldwide shipping

Free shipping within Germany

boots table vor deigner tapete lippen mit rosa sofa
AMARU Design Kronentrenner schwarz

Our philosophy

At AMARU Design, we stand for extraordinary and unique art objects!

Our passion is to create a positive, colourful and lively atmosphere.
We are passionate about unusual pieces of furniture and accessories that break the rigid rules of everyday life.

We always pay attention to the high-quality workmanship and quality of the products we offer.
We ship exclusively with premium shipping service providers to guarantee our customers a relaxed delivery process to their door.

We are experts in all aspects of furnishings – special art objects – Secrets of Arts (only on request)

and are at your disposal
for all your questions!

Est. 2016       Designer Brands     Worldwide shipping

Style means having the courage to have your own character and to embrace your own personality

We are constantly on the lookout for unusual and expressive furnishing objects!
Our motivation is to present special and unique art objects that meet our quality standards in our product world. We focus on handicrafts or manufacturers who have dedicated themselves to lovingly detailed work. Most of the products in our range are made by hand. This often results in unique items for each customer.



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