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Chest of drawers “Bora Bora” – Tom’s Drag


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– from the Furniture Collection

Product number:  101729

Dimensions:         L 62 cm x W 31 cm x H 103 cm

Materials:             Wood MDF

SKU: 101729

Chests of drawers “Bora Bora” – from the Furniture Collection

– Tom’s Drag Company

Product number:  101729

Lenght:                 62 cm

Height:                 103 cm

Width:                   31 cm

Materials:              Wood MDF

This wonderful floral chest of drawers has 6 little drawers and 3 big drawers and can be combinate with the mirror “Bora Bora”. The base material is MDF, painted with strong radiant special “toms Drag Art” colors. The handles of Tom’s Drag chest are also gilded. The drawers are painted in black colors inside. The feet are covered with gold leaf and can be turned or unscrewed.

Weight 20 kg


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